Obstacles Teach You Well!

December 22, 2011

I haven’t posted since October because of many other demands on my time. But as a result of the many visitor comments to provide a new article, I’ve decided to weigh-in now with the second installment on the role obstacles serve in our lives.

In the last post titled Let Obstacles Be Your Guide, I shared that obstacles are those sign posts we experience in life that indicate where we’re headed in life, and, in many instances, they let us know how close we are to our given destinations. In this particular article, I would like to address the second role obstacles are designed to play in our lives.

As you journey through life in pursuit of a dream or a particular goal, you will invariably encounter certain setbacks that will slow your progress or, in some cases, bring your travels to a screeching halt. While many people view barriers to progress as undesirable obstructions, you must see them as the necessary tools they are.

Every person comes to earth with a unique mission to fulfill. And along the path of your specific destiny, God has strategically placed certain obstructions in your path in order that you may engage them with your mental faculties. Understand that you will never experience a problem on earth for which you have not been given access to its solution…whether that solution is within you or near at hand.

Think of obstacles, trials and setbacks as fueling stations that we pull into in order to fill up with the necessary fuel to power our travels to the next stop.

The obstacles we face in life do not surface to frustrate us. Rather, they arise to cause us to have to think through them in order to manufacture the needed solutions to break through to get beyond them. For once we do, we resurface on the other side much wiser and much stronger in our character for having done so. So, the benefit to you is twofold. You come through with a  newfound wisdom you didn’t have before. And you gain strength in an area where you once had a weakness.

As we set out to pursue the greatness that calls to us from within, we have no way of pinpointing the many fault lines in our character or locating undetected fears that exist below the surface of our being. Trials and obstacles are designed to raise to the surface every internal defect that has the potential of undermining the foundation that is intended to support our weighty dreams and aspirations. Without certain trials, you will never know how fragile your foundation truly is until the weight of your success begins to destroy the ground beneath you.

For this reason, never seek overnight success because the foundation that supports it has not had time to properly cure. Neither does quick success allow for the proper fortifying ingredients to be mixed into a foundation that is poured overnight. While we are all tempted to want to enjoy instant notoriety and acclaim, I caution you to refuse to buy into its appeal.

There are many lessons you must learn along the route to you fulfilling your prescribed mission in life. Trials, obstacles, and setbacks are the teachers that arrive on the scene the moment the student (YOU) is ready to receive instruction.

As you travel the road to greatness, the obstacles you face will only increase in magnitude and difficulty. But don’t fret! Because the wisdom and strength you gain along the way will keep each challenge you encounter in its proper perspective…always being achievable. Every Goliath you face on the battlefield has certain vulnerabilities you must discover. Once you unravel its defenses, you then are freed to move on to the next one. In this manner, you are thus equipped with the proper wisdom, maturity, and appreciation to enjoy the prize that awaits you at the end of your travels.

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