Have You Reached The Tipping Point?

April 12, 2011

Before you can taste the exhilaration of widespread acclaim, you will feel the bitter sting of unmitigated anonymity.

The tipping point is critical to all success. It is the point where we teeter on the fence that separates obscurity from popularity. Getting to this point takes determined commitment and uninterrupted focus.


The loneliest leg of your journey on the road to discovery is that long stretch when you are just trying to get others to take notice of what you do. During this stage, trying to enlist the attention of others is as difficult as trying to roll a 500-lbs. boulder up a steep hill. It is here where, rather than charging for your product or service, you feel tempted to pay others simply to hear your message or try your particular product.

And this part of your travels, when you desperately pray to be able to cross the tipping point, has the most potential to cause you to thrown in the towel, believing that your dream is not worth to pursuit.

But I want to provide this cautionary note of advice…

The Bible warns that we should not despise the day of small beginnings. There is tremendous benefit in starting small and building up a head of steam. And there is good reason why comedians start their careers performing in small, unknown venues. It is far better to bomb before an audience of 100 folks than a packed 5000-seat auditorium.

The glare of fame is very unforgiving. Once the world takes notice of the priceless gift to humanity you are, little can you afford to be ill-prepared to meet the demands of that hour. By then all the bugs must be worked out and all the wrinkles ironed to smooth perfection. The quiet of obscurity is supposed to provide you the opportunity to ensure that such preparation, training, practice, and rehearsal have taken place.

When starting out in any venture, there are so many things you need to learn, and what you fail to identify and deal with during the foundation-building stages of your development will resurface later to undermine all aspects of your future success.

What you should walk away from this particular blog post understanding is this…

It is vital that you suffer the experience of loneliness prior to reaching the tipping point, when you are the only one on the path.  It is only during this time that the foundation of your success can be properly fortified with the right ingredients to allow you to withstand the pressures that accompany greatness.

Understand that once you cross over the tipping point, pushing boulders up hill will no longer be your problem.

Your challenge will then be trying to slow the pace of the massive success that grows without any effort on your part and which offers you no “me” moments.

So, despite how near or far you are from that tipping point moment, use your present obscurity to fine-tune those talents needed to perform like a pro once the glaring lights of fame begin to shine on you.

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