Are You Crippled By The Fallacy Of Social Proof…?

April 8, 2011

…when it comes to believing in the value of what you have to offer.

Social proof plays an important role in helping us to know how to act in situations where we have no prior information to draw upon to guide our decision making. Advertisers use the phenomenon of social proof all the time in their commercials when using famous celebrities to pitch new products. They know most people base their purchasing decisions on what well-known people purport to buy and use.

When it comes to YOU as the product, relying on social proof can be a crippling thing.

Launching a dream is a daunting task, in and of itself. Rest assured, self-doubt will be the first to arrive on the scene the moment you attempt the herculean task of lifting a mighty empire from the kingdom of the mind and setting it down firmly in society.

But the situation is made worse when we wait for the approval of others as an indication that our goals and dreams are worth the undertaking.  If you wait on others, namely family and friends, to get excited about your dream, you will never start the journey.

Have you ever tried to retell a funny joke that was side-splitting when you heard it, only to have the person say, “I don’t get it.” Your dream is that exact same way.

Others will never be able get it until they can see it for themselves.

Your dream offers a private viewing to you alone. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get excited about the screening of your future condition, because what your mind reveals is real indeed. And you must be the first to buy into that…long before anyone else does.

In the beginning, Walt Disney suffered a great deal of angst trying to convince others of his vision. And when no one else could envision what he saw, he chose to move forward, despite their doubts. Once he gave us the tangible proof of the empire in his mind, then and only then did millions climb on board with their endorsement.

So, my friend, you must believe in YOU when no one else does. And you must be committed to investing in your dream long before anyone else signs up to support you. Laugh and joke about the private viewing of your personal production. For a brief moment in time, you will be the only one to get it. But once you deliver the tangible proof of your excitement, they too will laugh and rejoice.

So, don’t allow social proof to determine when to set sail on your voyage. Be the first to believe in YOU.

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