What Comes First?…

March 28, 2011

The title of this post is not a reference to that age old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”


The question hits a little closer to home. I simply want to ask you, “What came first, your worth or your value?” How you answer this question is very important because it sets the premise for nearly everything else you do and reach for in life.

What do you mean, dude?

Because we use the terms worth and value interchangeably in conversation, the razor thin difference in meaning is often overlooked. One precedes the other and actually defines it existence.

Let me give you an illustration of the difference between worth and value.

Farmer Sherman, nearing retirement age, wanted to get out of the farming business, altogether. Devoting so much time to his profession and seeing so little of the world, he wanted simply to sell his 350-acre farm and spend time traveling. His asking price for land, buildings and equipment was a modest $1.5M. Since the farm had been in the family for generations and had no mortgage, he believed that getting the asking price would wipe out any small debts he owed, while leaving him plenty left over to sail the seven seas.

After being on the market for one and a half years, farmer Sherman decided to come down on his asking price just a bit. He was devastated, however, when coming all the way down to $300K still produced no buyers.

But one day…

While trying to pull up an old tree stump, something amazing happened. As he and a few farm hands were just about to free the last stubborn tree root from the ground, a big geyser of the blackest water started spewing all over the place. After all the commotion had died down and everyone finished spitting out the foul tasting water, someone shouted, “Hey, this stuff is oil.”

Guess what happened next?

The table quickly turned, as the news spread quickly.

Word went around all the surrounding communities that farmer Sherman had hit the big one by finding oil on his property. The sale sign came down, and people poured in from all over to buy the place. A foreign investor even threw in a bid of $35M, sight unseen. In the end, farmer Sherman ended up maintaining the ownership rights to his property. However, he did hire an attorney to draw up paperwork to sell the mineral rights to the land for a whopping $280M, with a 5% residual interest in all oil revenues and any other minerals discovered on the property.

What’s my point?

The ‘worth’ of the farmland was just as priceless before the discovery as it was afterward. Just because no one knew that the oil was there diminishes in no way the worth of what was always there. You see…worth is intrinsic, and it is not diminished by surrounding conditions. And neither does our ignorance of the truth or existence of certain things take away one iota from the worth that God has assigned to the creation of a thing.

Worth (yours included) goes in at production. The manufacturer assigns worth based upon his cost to bring a particular thing into existence. There are many factors that determine worth, but the overall effect is that…once assigned, it remains forever.

Value on the other hand is very different!

The value of a thing (to include your value and mine) is determined by how many others in the marketplace also want a particular item. You see, Mr. Sherman’s asking price went from $1.5M all the way down to $300K simply because no one saw, at the time, that the property’s value was equal to what he was asking. Therefore, it just sat there.

But when oil was discovered on the property, all of a sudden, the perceived value changed. In this changed situation, farmer Sherman was then able to renegotiate the terms and conditions of his offer.

You’re probably asking, “What does that have to do with me?”


Because when you don’t know your WORTH, you will compromise your marketplace VALUE. You will go to the bargaining table and close on deals that are not in your best interest.

When you don’t know your worth, you wind up in relationships with people you would not otherwise, if you knew the priceless gifts that are in you. Ignorance of what’s been vested in you at birth will cause you to accept incomes and wages that are way below your actual market value.

So you see, worth precedes value. Worth helps us to set to proper value on the things we take into the market to exchange with others. And if you don’t know your true worth, what price are you putting on your talents and abilities, as you cart them to the market?

I will explore in upcoming posts the importance of knowing your worth and value, because understanding of these concepts is crucial to your not being cheated out of life’s rich bounty.

Remember that what you have is of value to others. They will get it out of you one way or another. Why not give it to them on your terms by knowing your worth so that you can properly set the right value on your wares.

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Where Does Greatness Lie?

March 25, 2011

I believe that…

Greatness is merely the by-product of an internal discovery.

Which means you got some digging to do deep within yourself to fish out the greatness the world yearns to one day enjoy in the marketplace.

Your biggest challenge will not lie with your attempts to achieve greatness; it will rest with how you define success and where you look to find it. How you define success will set the azimuth from that understanding forward.

Most people give in to the compelling urge to look outside themselves for validation and esteemed greatness. When this occurs, we set out on the wrong paths in life, chasing all the wrong goals and prizes.

Your true success is attached to a specific purpose. Therefore, all you do in life must serve to fulfill that mission. Once you identify your purpose, the wonderful joy of living will then appear, not apart from it.

When you dive into life fully aware of your life’s purpose and following the prescribed blueprint in your heart, then will you make the biggest splash in society you were designed to make.

It is not about how much money or things we can amass in a lifetime. Rather, it is about completing the assignment you were given to complete. Your unique talents and abilities, the things you are wildly passionate about…offer clues to an amazing assignment you are on earth to fulfill.

It’s funny. When you begin to chase destiny, the other less important things will begin to chase you!

Greatness, therefore, lies with your ability to impact on a wide scale countless lives by taking that small seed of greatness, and all its potential, that is currently within you and then allowing it to harvest in the fertile soil of society. When you do this, those you impact will esteem you as great.

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Are YOU A Viral Product?

March 23, 2011

The title of this particular post may seem strange, but think about this…

With every product or service you bring to market is attached the hope that boatloads of people will buy into your offer. That is, after all, the primary economic incentive that drives commercial interaction.

Going viral doesn’t have to be a phenomenon that is restricted to Youtube or Twitter audiences. And creating a viral buzz doesn’t have to be a thing of chance. If done right, you can increase the likelihood that your product or service will generate the kind of word-of-mouth frenzy that will drive customers to your front door.

Understand that…

The most important commodity you need prior to being discovered on  a wide scale is a good reputation. After you have labored to establish a solid image in the marketplace, countless others will then come pounding at your door because they recognize the value of investing in you.

Therefore, sacrifice the necessary time and effort behind the scenes so that when the spotlight shines on you, your performance will generate a commotion that gets people talking excitedly about your product or service.

You do this by…

Being the best at what you do!

When others regard you as the leader in your field, then you can essentially kiss goodbye to your advertising budget, because people will locate you despite how hard you attempt to live in obscurity. And becoming the recognized go-to figure in your industry is not difficult, given the fact that 99% of your competitors are unwilling to pay the price to be regarded as such.

But you must know that…

The mastery of any skill is the precursor to great honor and tremendous financial gain. When you master a particular skill or talent, then comes recognition. And with consistent recognition appears the establishment of a stable reputation. When a good reputation begins to spread, you will not need to promote yourself because a good name exchanges hands quicker than currency.

So, I encourage you not to make the mistake of waiting for opportunity to come knocking before you decide to prepare for success. You must prepare in anonymity as though your future success depends on it. In all actuality, it does.

Therefore, position yourself in the marketplace and be ready NOW for that moment when opportunity calls you off the shelf of obscurity. Take advantage of the present quiet occasions to fine-tune certain skills while the pressures of fame focus their lights elsewhere. Once attention is directed your way, you must be ready then to respond to the demands of the moment that will inevitably come.

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Right of First Refusal!

March 22, 2011

You possess priceless talent and abilities that were handed to you at birth in order that you would have something of value to trade in the marketplace.

The problem, however, is that far too many people have never discovered what it is they’ve been given to exchange. Instead, they improvise by pursuing degrees and careers they are not wired to love. Then, at some moment around the midway point in life, a crisis occurs that forces those individuals to make some major course corrections.

My definition of a mid-life crisis is that moment when it dawns on you that you made a wrong turn  a few exits back in life…

When this epiphany happens, usually after realizing that the career we’ve spent so much time chasing will never yield the fulfillment we long to enjoy, we are then forced to backtrack to the point where we took that wrong turn.

When you were born, you came fully equipped with all the right stuff to make your prescribed journey both profitable and fulfilling.  But you must spend the time to inventory the repository of your SELF to identify the treasures of your mental and physical estate.

Rest assured! If you don’t, others will.

You own the right of first refusal with respect to your talents and abilities. You can choose either to use them to fulfill your destiny or leave them to be employed by someone else. Understand, however, that if you do not deploy the many gifts given to you at birth to fulfill your dreams, someone else will employ to fulfill theirs.

However, when others employ your skills to build their empires, a salary or wage is their token compensation. And I don’t care how big the wage or salary, when you have a dream burning on the inside that is screaming to be born, no amount of money is enough to mute its cries.

The problem many people make is thinking that money will satisfy or replace a longing we all have to connect with our life’s purpose. It can’t and never will.

For that reason…many unfulfilled individuals will leave off following lucrative careers to pursue the hobby that elicits their passion and from which they derive the most satisfaction. Many people do as hobbies what they should in fact pursue as lifelong occupations…for there is where you will make the biggest splash in life.

And once you find your purpose for being, the wonderful joy of living will appear. And at this point, you will begin to understand the value of exercising your right of first refusal.

In future posts, we’ll talk about how perfecting your talents and abilities, around your life’s calling, will allow you demand compensation commensurate with the true value of what you bring to the table.

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Welcome Fellow Dreamers!

March 18, 2011

I would first like to welcome all of you to the Dare To Discover Yourself experience. This is the maiden post, and we set sail from here…

In the upcoming posts, I would like to engage you in discussion around the topic of YOU. That’s right! I want you to begin to think about the contributions you are supposed to make to our world. You were born to fulfill a specific purpose and to travel a given destiny.

At birth, God hard-wired you on the assembly line to love and be passionate about certain things in life. Those particular things offer clues that should steer you in the direction of your purpose here on earth. Pursue them and you’ll discover your destiny. Ignore them and you’ll travel the road of unfulfilled longing.

Most people never fulfill their true calling in life because they never look within themselves in order to discover the priceless bounty handed to them at birth. As a result, they wander through life experimenting with this job or that career, with this degree plan or that one. In the end, much time is wasted and too many dreams die unrealized.

In parting, allow me to leave you with this series of questions:

  • Has an idea for an invention or a unique method of addressing a problem so gripped your attention that you find it difficult to dismiss their thoughts?
  • Have you ever lay in bed at night restlessly imagining yourself singing or speaking before thousands of people only to return to the reality of an empty room?
  • Have you ever wondered what the world would be like with you as president of the United States of America?
  • Do you enjoy moments when you simply allow your mind to surf freely upon the wave of endless possibilities that exist in the world?

If so, then you my friend are a dreamer. Now, let’s take those dreams you see while sleep and turn them into a bold vision of the future that will benefit you while you are awake.

Here’s to the dreamer in you!

I would love to hear from you. So, please leave your comments.