Improving your world by becoming the Greatest You Possible!

Welcome to the Dare To Discover Yourself experience, where you truly can discover the secret to your success. This site was created with one purpose in mind—to get you in touch with the "greater" you on the inside. To assist you in doing just that, we're making available to readers Gary Sparkman's powerfully inspiring book, DARE TO DISCOVER YOURSELF. Between the covers of this enjoyable read, Gary Sparkman takes you on a journey to locate hidden treasures of the heart that are the keys to personal fulfillment and true success.

You are a gift to humanity, born to fulfill a given purpose according to a specific blueprint in your heart. That blueprint is in fact the dream you carry around with you ever day of your life—whether known or unknown. The very dream you possess is the actual title deed to your joy, peace, fulfillment, and wealth.

How you define success in life dictates where you begin your quest to obtain it. The problem is that most people begin by looking outside themselves for answers. If you define success merely by what you own or by how much "stuff" you can amass in a lifetime, then many roads can lead to your objectives. I can assure you, however, that personal fulfillment will not be waiting for you at the end of your journey.

You see, personal fulfillment in life comes when we discover the purpose of our existence on earth; it is linked inextricably to purpose, not things. When you discover the "why" for your existence, the wonderful joy of living will appear.

DARE TO DISCOVER YOURSELF was written to cause people to first look within themselves for the treasure trove of gifts bequeathed to them at birth. Once identified, they then can begin to negotiate the terms of their success in life from a position of strength and certainty.

Here's wishing you much success in your endeavor to become the "Greatest You Possible."